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Simplify keeping track of your Personal Minimums. This customizable tool, incorporating PAVE (Pilot, Aircraft, enVironment, External Pressures) and IMSAFE principles, allows you to include personalized elements for a comprehensive assessment and order custom printed checklists for added convenience or download and customize an at-home printable version for free.

Key Features:

  • Custom Additions:

    • Tailor the checklist to your specific needs.
    • Include personalized elements for a comprehensive assessment.
  • Custom Printing:

    • Order custom printed checklists for convenience.
    • Professionally printed for durability and ease of use (optional for an additional materials cost).
  • PAVE and IMSAFE Integration:

    • Structured around PAVE principles for holistic risk assessment.
    • Incorporates IMSAFE checklist for evaluating physiological factors.


  • Holistic Risk Assessment: Leverage PAVE and IMSAFE principles for a comprehensive risk evaluation.

  • Tailored Solutions: Personalize your checklist to match your unique requirements.

Personal Minimums Checklist - Paper Download

SKU: 0125241
  • This Personal Minimums Checklist is intended as a supplementary tool to aid pilots in pre-flight assessments and decision-making. It does not replace professional judgment or regulatory compliance. Users are responsible for tailoring the checklist to their specific needs, understanding that its use is not a guarantee of safety. It is recommended to seek guidance from certified flight instructors or aviation professionals for a thorough review, and Heading 101 shall not be liable for any damages arising from its use. Users acknowledge these disclaimers and are encouraged to regularly update their checklist for ongoing effectiveness.

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