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Introducing the Cirrus SR20 (Avidyne R9 Avionics) Aircraft Systems Study Packet – a comprehensive guide meticulously curated for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots seeking a thorough understanding of the aircraft's key systems. This packet provides detailed insights through clear diagrams, custom illustrations, and concise, yet comprehensive system descriptions.


Disclaimer: This document serves as supplementary information and should not be construed as a substitute for any section of the official airplane Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) or Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). The content herein is intended solely for instructional purposes and is not meant to replace sound Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) or information provided in the relevant POH. Despite diligent efforts to ensure accuracy, it is imperative to cross-reference the information presented here with published Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) resources, pertinent aircraft handbooks, aircraft placards, and FAA Regulations. This guide does not provide a guarantee of accuracy or currency and should be used with caution.


  • Electrical System:

    • In-depth examination of the SR20's electrical architecture.
    • Comprehensive coverage of power distribution, circuitry, and redundancy measures.
  • Fuel System:

    • Visual exploration of the fuel system with precision-rendered illustrations.
    • Thorough coverage of fuel distribution mechanisms, monitoring protocols, and emergency procedures.
  • Engine Systems (including Oil System and Propeller):

    • Detailed analysis of engine systems, encompassing powerplant and critical subsystems.
    • A nuanced understanding of the oil system, propeller dynamics, and systematic troubleshooting procedures.
  • ADHRS (ADC and AHRS) System:

    • Cutting-edge insights into the Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System.
    • Clear diagrams and detailed explanations elucidating the functions of the Air Data Computer and AHRS.
  • Conventional Pitot-Static Systems:

    • A comprehensive overview of the pitot-static system, essential for precise airspeed and altitude determination.
    • Step-by-step illustrations detailing the pitot tube and static ports.
  • Conventional Vacuum Systems:

    • In-depth exploration of vacuum systems powering key flight instruments.
    • Detailed understanding of the vacuum pump and systematic troubleshooting skills for instruments like the attitude indicator.


Key Attributes of Our Study Packet:

  • Visual Precision: Clear diagrams and illustrations crafted with precision to simplify complex concepts.
  • Concise Detailing: Comprehensive system descriptions, maintaining a balance of thoroughness and conciseness for effective study.
  • In-depth Knowledge: Rigorous exploration of avionics, engine, and conventional systems to foster a profound understanding of the Cirrus SR20.


Embark on your journey to master the Cirrus SR20 with confidence, equipped with the knowledge provided by our meticulously crafted study packet. Our professional approach ensures a robust foundation for a safe and informed flying experience. Happy studying and safe flying!

Cirrus SR20 (Avidyne R9) Systems Study Guide

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