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Introducing the Certified Flight Instructor: Instrument Lesson Plans, a comprehensive and invaluable resource meticulously designed for Instrument Flight Instructors and instructor applicants. Whether you're an experienced flight instructor or an aspiring one, these lesson plans are the ultimate tool to enhance your teaching capabilities and deliver exceptional flight training.


This latest edition has been thoughtfully organized into nine sections, covering all the essential areas of instruction outlined in the FAA Practical Testing Standards. Starting with the Fundamentals of Instruction, you'll establish a solid foundation in effective teaching techniques, ensuring you can create a positive and engaging learning environment for your students. The Technical Subject Areas dive into the intricate aspects of aviation knowledge, equipping you with the expertise to guide your students through complex concepts. In the Preflight Preparation section, you'll find comprehensive guidance on flight planning and execution, ensuring your students are fully prepared for safe and successful flights.


With a total of 36 meticulously designed lessons, this resource provides a step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless and comprehensive learning experience. Each lesson plan includes a detailed schedule outlining time allocations and required materials, allowing you to effectively manage your instructional sessions. Additionally, you'll find an appendix featuring acronyms, vocabulary words, and teaching aids to support your instructional journey.


To facilitate engagement and reinforce concepts, each lesson is enriched with additional resources. From videos and visual aids to teaching examples, you'll have a wealth of materials at your disposal to enhance the learning experience for your students. Teaching/learning activities are strategically integrated into each lesson, promoting active participation and solidifying knowledge retention.

Rest assured, these lesson plans are meticulously crafted to meet the latest requirements outlined in the FAA Practical Testing Standards for Single-Engine (FAA-S-8081-6D), ensuring compliance and relevancy. This updated edition reflects the most recent standards, providing you with the latest information and best practices for instrument flight instruction.


Unlock the potential of your instruction with these comprehensive lesson plans and supporting notes. Elevate your teaching capabilities, engage your students, and deliver exceptional flight training that prepares them for success in the world of aviation. With these lesson plans in your hands, you'll be well-equipped to guide your students towards their instrument flight goals with confidence and expertise.

CFI Lesson Plans: Instrument

Expected Completion by July 30
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